Monsieur Pompier’s Travelling Freakshow is a troupe like no other. A nightmarish cabaret steeped in the surreal, Monsieur Pompier makes music about inside-out cats, hedgehog swallowers and devious doctors.


It all started on a weary Winters day around twenty years ago when a boy named John shouted “what a pack of freaks” at a then teenage Pompier and his school friends. Ever since, Monsieur Pompier vowed to unite all oddballs and outcasts welcoming them into his midst with open arms.


Having existed primarily as a live entity since 2017, the Travelling Freakshow toured Europe extensively with their extremely unique live show which incorporates immersive performance art, audience participation and a litany of bizarre and beguiling costumes and masks depicting the characters in the songs.


The group’s visual chaos is underpinned by Monsieur Pompier’s manic music and storytelling approach to songwriting. Monsieur Pompier’s Travelling Freakshow signed to Legendary US label Cleopatra Records in early 2021 with their debut album Teatime Terrors available to purchase both digitally and on vinyl from July 16th.

In addition to his Freakshow endeavours, Monsieur Pompier also creates events in Ireland for Spellfish Curations, as well as growing and pickling Pompier brand gherkin cucumbers in his spare time.



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