The WireReview

“Combining twisted parables with broken waltzer electronics renders the songs creepy and disorientating, like an episode of Sesame Street soundtracked by The Residents."

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We Are CultReview

"Imagine, if you will, a version of legendary art rock band Sparks, where Ron and Russell Mael have been replaced by an Irish bloke in a red military jacket of the sort I tend to picture the likes of John Lennon and Ray Davies in.”

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Turn Up The VolumeReview

"Puzzling eccentricity. 2021 madness. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Freaks Club Band. Psych-o-delic entertainment."

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Boing BoingVideo

"Hailing from Ireland, Monsieur Pompier's Travelling Freakshow self describes as a "band and visual arts group who make music about inside-out cats, hedgehog swallowers and weird doctors.”

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Fortean TimesReview

“Citing both Sparks and Tales Of The Unexpected as influences and dressed in outfits from some nightmarish episode of Dramarama: Spooky, they spin gloriously tall tales of lying boys with bananas for fingers, and the lesser- spotted ear-wax fairy.”

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Shadow TransmissionPodcast

“In this episode DJ Dagger (The Original One and ONLY!) and DJ Hollow review the remarkable album Teatime Terrors by the strangely wonderful Monsieur Pompier's Travelling Freakshow.”

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“The Monsieur Pompier's Travelling Freakshow experience is full of crazy electronics, odd twisted melodies, weird demented visions, and sometimes simplistic arrangements. I am even reminded of Les Claypool and Primus. Not for the feiint of heart or the politically correct, but definitely fun and entertaining.”

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Dublin InquirerInterview

“Themes such as social media, celebrity culture and procrastination are explored, he says. “Dr Moogle, for instance, is all about the dangers of using Google to search for medical diagnoses.”

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Turn Up The VolumeInterview

“Guts The Cat is my fabulous feline who wears an onion for a hat, can turn herself inside out and occasionally, plays the fiddle. Micky Mould, by contrast, just wants to keep things clean and prevent anyone from enjoying their lives.”

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Sound And ShadowsReview

"Each song is a page from a vibrant comic book concept transported into pixilated retro mono synth songs."

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On The Fringes Of SoundReview

"Lyrics about earwax, cat guts, and a guy who swallows hedgehogs. One can only imagine what a live show would be like."

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Rue MorgueReview

“Inspired equally by TV shows like Tales of the Unexpected and 80s B-movie soundtracks as it was by eccentric acts like The Residents, Sparks and Devo, TEATIME TERRORS falls into a strange musical crevice between bizarro pop opera, a demented audiobook, and downright bonkers synth-punk chaos.”

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Regen MagazineReview

“Topics range from serious examinations of mythology, the spread of conspiracy theories and misinformation on the internet, and the pitfalls of celebrity and stardom to more flippant and fantastical depictions of fairies, an alcoholic half crab/half rabbit, and a misfit whose fingers turn into bananas.”

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H&G CreationsInterview

“ Last year I dressed up as a fictional character of my own invention called King Strawb. The story of how that character came to be is long and convoluted but basically he was a giant strawberry wearing a crown…”

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